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Kevin Corbett. Interested in online learning, elearning, mobile learning, gamification, game-based-design, social media, & mma

Welcome to the Bio of Kevin Corbett I guess you could say I'm a bit of a  “technology geek”--like a squirrel drawn to anything shiny, I'm drawn to new technology!  Since my first computer–the Atari 400 in 1979, I’ve been hooked, enjoying learning, using, playing, and exploring new technologies. After moving from the Atari 400 and 800, it was only historical timing that made the construction of a "Personal Computer" (PC)  in college, something that was considered out of the ordinary until the release of the Apple Macintosh--as ushered-in by the controversial Apple: Orwell’s 1984 commercial. With the advent of the graphical web browser in the early 90′s, I was fascinated with the power of the “information super highway”.  I still remember the chirping sound a 14.4 modem made as it connected to the Internet via CompuServe and AOL dial-up accounts. Using Gopher, and soon after the graphical Mosaic and Netscape Navigator browsers, it was like opening a door to a whole new world. As a science teacher nearly 25 years ago, myself and a colleague brought the first Internet into a public high school through a "pirated" phone line and a personal AOL account. It was magic! No longer were we talking about hypothetical things from old text books and outdated encyclopedias. We could access government research and university information that was new, cutting-edge and students were transfixed with the power. In 1995 I learned HTML and started developing web sites for corporations and small businesses looking to establish a presence on the World Wide Web.  A few early adopters shared the vision that the Internet was a means to provide businesses with a new way to extend their geographical location, reach new markets, and communicate with their customers. A business was started and sixteen years later we’re still as excited about the potential of the Internet as we were when we started. Over the years our company has had the good fortune to meet thousands of creative entrepreneurs, and learn many valuable lessons from some of the industry’s biggest and brightest stars. It’s always energizing to collaborate with smart people to solve problems, create solutions, and make really cool products. Extending our experiences to the classroom made sense. It was an important means to make training and learning compartmentalized, standardized, and individualized. Online Learning The fastest growing industry the past ten years has been in online learning. Teaching, training, and learning have always been important aspects to industry. And, as colleges and schools of all levels strive to provide increased options and opportunities to their students, these needs are being fulfilled outside of the educational institution themselves, by a growing number of educational content providers, opening the field even more. I’m proud to be a part of one of Washington State’s oldest and most successful online programs, having been instrumental in developing the program with an amazing team of professionals. I enjoy sharing our experiences and presenting at conferences to help others build their own program to benefit a future generation. I spend a lot of time looking to provide the most rich and rigorous learning experience for students and that brings me full-circle to video games and where I believe we have an opportunity, to make a significant educational impact. Mobile Learning, Gamification, & Social Media Having fun and learning—whether you’re a 16 year old high school student or a 36 year old corporate trainee, is possible and the challenge I enjoy pursuing! New advances in technology--especially cell phones and smartphones have me excited about using the portable devices for mobile learning anywhere, anytime!  And, with my love of gaming, I continue to investigate game-based-design and gamification so that people of all ages can engage with their learning, cooperate & share with others through social media, and have fun!

Kevin Corbett's Background

Kevin Corbett's Experience

Instructional Designer & Online Instructor at University of Washington

June 1998 - August 1998

Assisted in the development of an online Instructional Technology course for teachers. This pilot summer project involved course development (with John Henly),teaching remotely, and in a hybrid environment.

Program Director at

January 2000

CEO at WWWebMaster, Inc.


Kevin Corbett's Education

City University of Seattle

2003 – 2005


Harvard University Graduate School of Education

2002 – 2002

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

1998 – 1998

Concentration: Leadership Training

Intel Corporation

1997 – 1997

Concentration: Teach to the Future

University of Washington

1981 – 1983

Concentration: Graduate Research: Brain & Behavior

University of Washington

1977 – 1981


Concentration: Psychology

Kevin Corbett's Interests & Activities

online learning, elearning, mobile learning, gamification, game-based-design, social media, & mma